Open Eyes Protégé Program

We are currently seeking and praying for missionaries called by God who desire a position on the foreign mission field. OEM is interested in placing those qualified in positions of leadership in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. This requires a yearlong Protégé training program in Central America and based on the gifts, skills, talents, and work performance of the trainee then placed in the field.

lf you have already made a commitment to serve as a missionary in another country but are unsure of how to start the process, we can be contacted for help. We can give advice based on our 13 years of experience on the field. We have blazed the trail in four countries and our desire is to make the way smoother and more effective for new missionaries.

lf you are interested in more information about the above or about Open Eyes Ministries, please email us at and check us out on Facebook at Open Eyes Ministries Central America

lf God is calling you to foreign missions OEM can help you.

Terry DuPont
Director OEM