Mission Trip Opportunities

Action Teams (Short Term Mission Trip Groups):

Open Eyes involves Christians like you in short-term mission efforts. We approach each mission team as unique, and actually design each experience for maximum impact in the lives of people, both those involved in serving in the short-term mission project and the people of Central America. Details of Preparing for a Mission Trip with Open Eyes

We are blessed to partner with many people for short-term missions. Most have never ventured outside the U.S. for a mission project. Some are very experienced in missions work. Open Eyes is recognized for providing the ministry opportunity of a lifetime for those that partner with us.

Open Eyes' desire is to not only to help you change Central America but see God use your visit to strengthen and equip you to change lives through ministries and churches back in the U.S.

Our approach to evangelism is best describe as "committed." Open Eyes believes in using all means available to us from God, and that the sharing of the Gospel must be our number one priority.

We utilize short-term mission teams to conduct major Crusades, revivals, door to door projects, fiestas, school ministry, and more. We use many avenues, such as feeding the hungry, construction or sports, to reach the multitudes and share Jesus as the Savior of the world.

Open Eyes has witnessed over 2,000,000 professions of faith since the ministry began in 1999. Open Eyes has hosted over 500 mission teams in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Please contact Open Eyes at openeyes2ca@comcast.net if you are interested in joining one of the scheduled teams or if you would like to schedule a team yourself.

Teams Scheduled to Visit Open Eyes in 2018

The following teams plan to visit OEM in 2018 (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador). Please contact us if you would like to join one of these groups or schedule a separate team visit.


January 2018
Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica
February 2018
Feb 20-27 Cossfire Ministries Sports Ministries
March 2018
March 12-17 Northstar Church  
March 17-24 Eskola Roofing  
April 2018
April 7-14 Bethany Baptist Church   Nicaragua
April 14-21 Bethany Baptist Church   Nicaragua
April 22-29 Tri-Cities Baptist Church Medical Team Honduras
April Tonya Damron Creative Team and Photo Shoot Honduras
May 2018
May 15-22 Baptist Collegiate Ministries   Nicaragua
May 16-23 Crossfire Ministries Sports Evangelism Honduras
May 22-29 Black Oak Heights Church   Nicaragua
May 29-June 5 North Cleveland Baptist Church   Nicaragua
June 2018
June 3-9 FPC Packett Cell Group Evangelism / Construction Honduras
June 9-16 Trinity Baptist Church Evangelism / Construction Honduras
June 12-19 Northstart Church   Nicaragua
June 16-23 Ninth and O Baptist Church Evangelism Honduras
June 26-July 3 The Grove   Nicaragua
June 30-July 7 Celebration Church Various Honduras
July 2018
July 3-10 God's Storehouse of Blessings & Pump Springs   Nicaragua
July 7-14 Faith Promise Church Various Honduras
July 10-17 West Penn School of Nursing   Nicaragua
July 17-24 Ft. Robinson Baptist Church   Nicaragua
July 21-28 Dr. Ron Noe Medical Honduras
July 24-31 Bob Leo Baseball Nicaragua
July 31-Aug 7 Bob Leo Baseball Nicaragua
August 2018
Aug 4-11 Jeff Alder Ministries (JAM) Medical / Construction / Evangelism Honduras
August Jeffrey Hester Various Honduras
September 2018
September Celebration Church Evangelism
El Salvador
October 2018
Oct Eddie Baker Various Honduras
November 2018
Nov 6-13 Celebration Church  
December 2018
Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica

Other Important Dates

                • March 21-25, 4th Anniversary of Faith Promise Church, Canas, Costa Rica
                • May 10th, OEM Board Meeting
                • October 21st, 19th Anniversary of Open Eyes in Central America


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