SGV Small Group Trip – Day 7 by Jeff Packett

Day 7, the final day, travel day. We prepared with a quick breakfast and headed out to the airport.

We stopped at El Higuito church to see the finished construction project, it looked amazing.

Once at the airport, Becky had prepared and nice surprise for Roger of a pineapple in his carry-on baggage as a small joke.

Twice Roger was pulled off into different areas than we were, but I am happy to report that we got him home safe and sound.
After a short weather delay in Miami we got back to Nashville and drove home getting back at 3am this morning.
It was an amazing trip. We come home with memories, stories, pictures and lives impacted by the power of God and the work he is doing through his people in Honduras.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 6 by Jeff Packett

The final day was sightseeing day. We began the day with Roger sharing the devotion about how easy and open it is with the people in Honduras and how we should live a peaceable life among all people.

After a great breakfast we departed for the Pulhapanzak Waterfall. Everyone had a great time as we all ziplined the falls. Don has some great pictures and video to show.

We also completed a walk under the waterfall and I mean under the falls. It was an intense and extreme event trying to get under the falls. The group had to jump into pools of water twice and hold onto a metal rope as we pulled ourselves around and under the falls.
On the way back we stopped and had some fresh coconut juice and coconut candy.
It was a great time by all and we were glad to be a part of Open Eyes Ministry.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 5 by Jeff Packett

Day 5 began early for as we had a full day of construction ahead of us. We had breakfast and share time from the previous day and then headed to El Higuito church the location that we did the clothing ministry earlier in the week.

Today we are helping the church pour concrete behind the church so they have a place to teach the kids.


To begin we had to pull 80lb sacks of mortar out for mixing. Ms. Lisa jumped right in to assist the guys.

And Ms. Becky helped too.

We had to clean off the grass so there would be an area to mix the concrete.

And we had to shovel gravel into the area for the concrete to go over.

Unfortunately our time was cut short as there was not enough gravel to cover the floor, we have more coming today and will finish up the project then.

Roger also helped Christian with the being able to share the plan of Salvation with others.

It was a great time doing work for the church.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 4 by Jeff Packett

Day 4 started with devotion by Susan. Susan taught about devotion. In her teaching she discussed the tools and ways we should go about our devotion. By doing so it make us more consistent with our devotion.

After breakfast we departed for the children’s feeding program again. This time we were able to stay much longer and participate in the feeding program. I have been told that the ladies for sure want a set of knives that Ms. Martha was using.

These beautiful kids get to me every time. Their eyes are piercing.

After the feeding program we came back to the house and prepared rice and beans for door to door evangelism. We met up with Pastor Joel and his church members and started going door to door. God was working with us, we saw 7 accept Christ, it was truly a bountiful harvest.

We came back to the house and then we attended Pastor Joel’s church where I was asked to deliver a message. It was truly a great time, the Holy Spirit was there in a mighty way.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 2 by Jeff Packett

Good morning from Honduras or Buenos Dias desde Honduras.

The morning started with Don giving the daily devotion. Don discussed how we should walk with God and if we don’t where sin can creep in. He used cards to illustrate his lesson and did a great job; he is quite the magician.
We then left for the Home of Hope to meet the 8 beautiful little girls there. We spent about 2 hours there sharing gifts and Roger became an instant hit when he pulled out the play dough and started molding animals. Those girls are very precious and there was talk of taking one or two, I can’t lie.
Our hearts were broken for all of the other kids in the area that kept walking by during our visitation with the girls. (Note, bring some extra gifts next time)
We traveled back for lunch and then headed out to the hospital. As we arrived Pamela said we needed to make it a quick trip and spend only 20 minutes there. I don’t think we need to explain what happened next with our Rogue group but we ended up spending over and hour and a half in the hospital. We divided into two teams with the ladies visiting women and kids and the men visiting the men.  All of our hearts were broken by the conditions that the patients have to be in. There is no AC, every patient was dripping with sweat. They have to bring their own sheets and FOOD to the hospital, no menu there to order from like we have. Once they are seen by the doctor if there is a surgery or if they need medication they must have their families go and buy the medications and tubing  such as IV tubing.
The kids unit was just as bad if not worse, it was hot and had a strong odor as the ladies walked through talking to the parents. We were impressed with their honesty as we spoke to them individually, all were very receptive to us being there. A highlight was praying with a family of 5 brothers and one sister. It was a powerful prayer circle. As we came back through they stopped us again and asked us to pray over them so that their family relationship would also be restored.
We had spent so much time at the hospital and we have gave out the supplies we were taking to the clinics that Pamela ended up taking us to the plaza to take some time seeing the sights locally.
It was a great time and everyone in our group is truly being richly blessed.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 1 by Jeff Packett

Day one on our trip to Honduras went very well. Roger did forget to take out his knife as he went through the security checkpoint.


The flight went very well, Roger and Becky were upgraded to first class and had plenty of leg room.


Some of us weren’t so lucky.

Here are the pictures of when we left and one of when we arrived.

The ride over to the mission house went very well and we were amazed seeing the housing on the sides of the mountain.

SGV Small Group Trip – Day 3 by Jeff Packett

Day 3 began with Devotion by yours truly. It was a discussion about helping others in need.

After a wonderful breakfast we departed for the feeding program. We had about 30 kids here. We were not able to feed the kids as there was no power so we had to depart a little early.  We were able to help with the meal prep and we had a great time playing and interacting with all the kids. We had many kids throwing frisbee, coloring, kicking soccer balls; but the hit was the wiffle ball. The kids here are really talented and able to pickup the sport very quickly.
From there we went to a local restaurant for a cultural experience…Pizza Hut. We then stopped at a local market for some much needed mocha chinos.


We then prepared clothing for a local church.

While we were there Don shared his testimony while Rebeca interpreted.

There was time to play with the children, they loved baseball and bubbles.

You could feel the love. One young man, Christian, came around introducing himself and hugging everyone.

After that was complete we came back to the house and prepared for the evening church service with Pastor Robert. He is the one that keeps the girls for the Mission of Hope. While we were there I delivered the message for that service and Pamela interpreted for me.

It was a great experience and I for one have been truly blessed to be a part of it.