SGV Small Group Trip – Day 5 by Jeff Packett

Day 5 began early for as we had a full day of construction ahead of us. We had breakfast and share time from the previous day and then headed to El Higuito church the location that we did the clothing ministry earlier in the week.

Today we are helping the church pour concrete behind the church so they have a place to teach the kids.


To begin we had to pull 80lb sacks of mortar out for mixing. Ms. Lisa jumped right in to assist the guys.

And Ms. Becky helped too.

We had to clean off the grass so there would be an area to mix the concrete.

And we had to shovel gravel into the area for the concrete to go over.

Unfortunately our time was cut short as there was not enough gravel to cover the floor, we have more coming today and will finish up the project then.

Roger also helped Christian with the being able to share the plan of Salvation with others.

It was a great time doing work for the church.

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